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A Story

Unlike the average cilantro hater, I don't care about the taste. I am actually allergic to it. People hide cilantro in everything! There are two mexican restaurants in town that I won't even walk into because they put cilantro in EVERYTHING! When cilantro first started appearing in restaurants, I would eat something and feel "breathless" like a puff of rancid air that I couldn't identify. Later, my throat started to swell and my normally high voice sounded more like a male baritone.

Since deciding to avoid mexican restaurants, I have become a fan of fish and chips. Unfortunately, on vacation in Oregon, we stopped at a cute little fish and chips shop where the cook made his own sauce. My throat started feeling funny, so I asked what was in it. He listed the ingredients, including cilantro! He was still bragging about it while I was rushing to the car to find benadryl. Everyone thinks they are being so "hip" and cute by including this deadly (for me) herb.

Can we at least get people to disclose this ingredient before subjecting us to it?