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A Story

I am so glad to have found others out there that share my intense hatred of cilantro. For years I have been suffering with the task of picking it off tacos, avoiding eating salsa with friends, and defending my distaste for the putrid herb. I must ensure that every dish I order at a Mexican restaurant is 150% cilantro-free or I will vomit all over the entire table. No joke.

I've read that a lot of fellow cilantro haters describe it as tasting like soap, or like despair, but does anyone else liken its flavor to chlorine? People always think I am bat shit crazy for saying it tastes like pool water, but it DOES! I might as well eat chlorine tablets and check my pH levels while I eat it. Gross. I'm cringing just thinking about the first time I ate a cilantro-tainted taco, and the metallic mouth feel it rode in on.

Let's all be united as one, as we proclaim our loathing of this horrible, horrible herb.