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A Story

I have never liked cilantro. Heaven knows I tried to make peace with it. When I went vegetarian in the late '80s, I made a good faith effort to tolerate it. To no avail, however, did I ever acquire a taste for it. My dad loves it and has foisted it upon me a number of times. Now he knows better. I am appalled at the number of cuisines that treasure it and try to hide it in their food. It's rare, but it does pop up in Chinese food. A steamed chicken bun I once ordered, thinking it was going to be a sure delicious bet, was a morass of misery and despair because cilantro.

There is a restaurant here in Chicago. I'm going to name names here; it's called Belly Shack, and it's at 1912 N. Western Ave, near the intersection of Armitage, Western and Milwaukee. Now, Belly Shack is one of those persnickety places that does not allow *any* modifications of their menu items. For example, if the dish has onions, cheese or cilantro -- even as a garnish -- they will steadfastly and mercilessly refuse to omit it, no matter how much one begs. So, if you hate cilantro like I do, do NOT eat there!!