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A Story

I first came across cilantro in university when I started dating a Taiwanese girl. Her mother had used it in something that she sent along with me to school. I recall my first bite vividly. It was vile and immediately triggered reflux like I wanted to vomit. I honestly thought that someone had accidentally spilled industrial strength powdered detergent into my food (powdered because the concentration of the awful taste couldn't possibly be in a dilute form). Needless to say, I threw it out.

However, as the years went passed and I continued to date Asian girls of many varieties I came across cilantro/coriander many times. As I acquired a taste for thai curries the cilantro started to bother me less and less. Years later, I suddenly found myself chomping down on the fresh coriander garnish that often accompanies a curry dish. Yum! In the most bizarre twist of events since the 1986 World Series, I ended up loving cilantro...but will always have sympathy for those who can't stand it.