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A Story

Thank God I found this site! Today while at work I got what I thought was going to be a damn good salad, and wouldn't you know it, it was infested and infused with this absolutley disgusting satanic herb. Well I finally decided to go online an see what the heck is up with this vile plant. In particular if it is used in metal cleaners.

Why metal cleaners? Well, when I was younger I used to work in a super market deli. We used metal cleaner to clean the slicer and various cutting utensils. THAT was my first experience with this rank smell. Of course the metal cleaner was toxic so you needed to rince items very well after using it. (Think Kramer on Seinfeld cleaning his deli slicer.)

At any rate, for the absolute longest time (until about a year ago), whenever I would get food out and would smell and taste this flavor I wanted to throw up. I was thinking that the store or restaurant had used this metal cleaner on something and then didn't rince it off very good (or at all) when prepping their food. So I figured I'm being exposed to this toxic crap on my food.

Well as I said, I finally learned that this smell/flavor is actually cilantro (so presumably I wasn't being exposed to metal cleaner on my food).

Needless to say, I am still absolutely disgusted by the stuff because I will always remember that chemical smell of that toxic metal cleaner.

So... I tried to pick out what I could of my salad to eat, but wound up having to toss it. Why ANYONE would like this stuff and what to put it in their food is beyond me. Even if you hadn't ever had the initial experience I had with this smell, it STILL has a distictive chemically rank smell and taste.

May cilantro rot in hell where it was first grown.