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A Story

The first time I ever came in contact with this herb I was sixteen,
I recall getting off the bus walking up to the farm house nobody else was home I opened the front door and I just started to get really angry, I knew something was wrong I walked around trying to find what was setting me on edge. By the time I reached the kitchen It was unbearable.., My mum had picked the herb from her garden and it was in a jar on the window above the kitchen sink.., my anger had become a rage I grabbed the broom and like a bat smashed it out the window..,
I don't just dislike it I go nutty .., I get angry worse than any pms I ever had when I'm around it .., I get itchy for hours afterwoulds I break out in small rash without even touching it and I can locate it without even putting my eyes on it .., if I eat it my stomach goes wacko .., my throat closes up my lips tingle my eyes puff up I can't stand being around sunlight I am unable to focus I get a head ache and to be straight a few times it has made me trip out the feeling you mostly get if you where suffering from a really extreme fever .., I would rather roll around in poison ivy than have to be in the same room as this herb .., I have a healthy diet and have lived all over the world .., i love food people make out like I'm faking it .., but I'm actually allergic they say it is a pollen based reaction but I have never even hay fever .., and feel that if so many people react to this herb and even can be life threatening how much do we really know about this herb and is it really safe to eat ..., does anybody else react like this without touching it x camillia