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A Story

The first time I realized that I hate cilantro, I was 9 or 10 years old. I was with my family at CPK in Santa Barbara, CA, and I was eating a Chinese chicken salad. I was enjoying it, except for the occasional bite that I found utterly revolting. I kept poking through my salad looking for something strange. I finally complained to my mother, and asked what might be causing it. After some discussion with other family members, they identified cilantro as an ingredient. They told me that, while none of them really hated it, it was something that some people react strongly (and negatively) to. It was a breakthrough moment for me, and I'm glad it was identified early enough to prevent years of unexplained suffering.
I was so thrilled when I came to college and met a few others like myself. There are, of course, those who just don't understand--blindly believing that what they are eating is perfectly fine. It pains me to know I cannot help them all. I have heard it's genetic. We are literally tasting something they cannot (we taste it because it's there). They live in willful ignorance, and it weighs heavy on my heart that there are so many out there who are content to live that way.
I cannot. Literally (I am forced to experience the vileness of cilantro any time it comes into my proximity, as are most in this community). I was even happier when I discovered "" because it provided me with a whole community of those who understand. It has also led me to the conclusion that those who are cursed/blessed with the ability to distinguish the horrible flavor of cilantro also are gifted with a fantastic sense of humor. I think there must be a link.
May your days be cilantro-free with ease!