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A Story

The first time I tasted cilantro, back in 1985, still remains one of the top 5 most traumatic experiences of my life! I'd ordered noodle soup in a Vietnamese restaurant. It contained a fistful of chopped up parsley-- or what I THOUGHT was parsley. Since I love parsley, I put a whole spoonful in my mouth. BLEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I immediately starting gagging uncontrollably. My family was frightened that I would puke right on the spot(I WOULD have puked, but my stomach was empty!). I spent the next 40 or so minutes gagging and trying in vain to wash down the taste with soda, but the horrific, nightmarish taste just lingered!

I'm NOT narrow minded. I truly do love all foods, even ones that others find repulsive. For example: beets, kimchi, anchovies, escargot, raw oysters, goat cheese, collard greens, salmon roe (eggs), brussel sprouts. You name it! I can even eat durian (even though, I admit, I'm not particularly fond of it). I love all foods AS LONG AS THEY DON'T CONTAIN CILANTRO.

I've had countless meals ruined by this herb, the aroma of which reminds me of the combined odors of burning plastic and the breath of someone suffering from periodontal disease. While some liken it to the taste of soap, I find it far worse! I'd rather eat soap!