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A Story

Hi everyone! My name is May, I'm spanish and I live in London.
The first time I tried this poison was not the first, but the second dinner I had with my parents in law... (The first time they cooked roast chicken, thank God!)
My boyfriend is english because he was born here in London... but ny in laws are indian. Enough said!!
The second the fork touched my mouth I just wanted to spit it right out in the dish! But because I was meant to behave.. I spat it in the napkin!! My sister in law saw me and we were both mortified!! So I said I had a terrible terrible molar pain and I end up with stomach pain because of all the pills they gave me!! But it was totally worth it... cilantro-coriander is just HORRIBLE!! If I ever want to. Loose weight, I will just smell a bit before my meals! Lol!