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A Story

I would take my children to the restaurant "don Pablos" in Pittsburgh. It had a terrific atmosphere, prices were reasonable, wait staff was efficient & courteous. Only one problem. I'd eat their food & seriously wonder why such an otherwise solid restaurant couldn't find a dishwasher that would wash all the soap scum off their plates. Everything tasted so SOAPY. I didn't understand it--then years later, in the Sunday Pittsburgh Tribune-Review was an article about...[drum roll here, please], cilantro & this website. Ya either love it...or you hate it! (No "or you think it's OKAY"...nod to the genius of Mitch Hedberg...hey, let's start a "I LOVE MITCH HEDBERG SITE!" I'LL JOIN!!!) Anyway, all the sudden, the light of knowledge came on. don Pablo's had nothing to do with a faulty dishwasher....they were using CILANTRO. EVIL, VILE, CURSED CILANTRO! Out, out damned cilantro! And there was this And here you are. And here I am, joining you in a rousing chorus of "Cilantro tastes like's obnoxious, creepy and vile!