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A Story

I used to go to lunch with coworkers all the time and I kept running into this nasty flavor I just could NOT stand. I kept picking things out of the burritos, salsas and salads trying to figure out what the hell it was. I would literally pick through the food tasting minuscule pieces of everything and could not figure it out. The taste was just so disgusting and vile and it just stays in your mouth even after chugging water! I would literally pick it out of my mouth trying to figure out what it was....that must have been a pretty sight?!

I finally went somewhere and ordered a burrito with salsa and there it was again. I picked at this little green leaf and stuck it in my mouth! It was a moment of sheer happiness to figure out what had been bugging me for years but also sheer disgust at having it in my mouth again.

I now refer to it as "that vile weed" when anyone brings up the subject of cilantro. I avoid Chipotle like the plague because they stupidly assume everyone wants their rice covered in this crap. Can't they just have some plain rice for people who hate it. I always knew I wasn't the only one who had such a strong hatred for this stuff....I just knew it! I feel at home now just knowing there are more like me!