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A Story

I WOULD RATHER EAT GLASS. the smell makes my salivary glands prepare to vomit. I have to spit and deep breathe.

At Panera I love the Asian Chicken Salad, it really is delicious, but is garnished with cilantro....not sure why anyone with a working evolved thought process would find that acceptable. But I order it SO strictly stating NO-CILANTRO please, NO CILANTRO. One time they of course put cilantro even though the cashier had it typed on my receipt twice. I drove home. Opened it, Saw a small spiky green leaf piece, smelled it, and got in my car, drove back, and made them re make it, AND give me my money back. And I judge people hardcore who do that kind of stingy crap. But I was SEETHING. Cilantro literally makes me angry.