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A Story

Ok, Cheesecake Factory - I ordered the Soft Tacos and asked that the nasty stinking cilantro not be a part of my meal. I get the tacos, they have cilantro all over them...I get the waiter, ask nicely that the cilantro be removed. He comes back from the kitchen, telling me that there was no cilantro in the dish, it was parsley - WHAT? Like I can't tell the difference between cilantro and parsley? I send the tacos back, and order the Mediterrian wraps instead - and yep, they came out COVERED IN CILANTRO. As this point I really believe the kitchen staff is playing games....So I just resign myself to pluck every offending piece of cilantro out of there, not wanting to have a sneezer all over my plate. The manager comes over to ask about our meal, and I tell him the cilantro story, he very nicely comps my meal....Seriously, if you HATE cilantro like I do, could you ever be convinced that cilantro is parsley???