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A Story

This horrible reaction to cilantro is essentially an allergic reaction. I have it. My mother had it. The first time I became aware of it, when I was 26 years old, was one evening at a dinner party my brother's wife put on. She made a very nice pasta dish with what looked to me like parsley in it. I took one bite of it and was disgusted. It tasted to me as though she had accidentally spilled the dish-washing liquid into the spaghetti pot. I looked around the table to see if any of the other 8 people present were having the same reaction. NO. They all seemed to love what they were eating. I couldn't take another bite. And since then I have figured out by trail and error that it was the cilantro.
This is not the fault of cilantro. It is a genetic glitch in the person who eats and hates it. It's not correct to bash the plant. It is not vile. Those of us who don;t like it have an innate intolerance of it. I cannot eat Thai food and many Mexican dishes because of the prevalence of cilantro in them. Big deal. This is hardly the most difficult thing in my life!