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A Story

When I was around 6 I had a toothbrush, I know no big whoop. IT WAS FLAVORED, Scented. I HATED IT. For some reason I kept it in my dresser drawer.
Turns out it's scent was son similar to cilantro that while working at a restaurant called Hooligan's or Houlihan's(?) I refused to put it on food that I was instructed to put it on, I found it so repulsive I couldn't imagine anyone would want it. Imagine thee chef's expression when he found this out. I really didn't care and obviously I lost the job. But got my dream job after as a house DJ at a hotel bar. NO it wasn't a dream job. but for the pay and bene's playing music was way better than making someone's food.
My wife doesn't understand BUT I don't care KEEP THAT CRAP AWAY FROM ME. I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT!!!