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A Story

I also first found the foul herb at a Mexican restaurant. No clue as to what the horrible, rancid flavor was that I ate while snacking on chips and salsa. Needless to say, I stopped eating. At some point after that, I ran into Cilantro again while eating a taco salad which is where I was told what it was. If Cilantro is touching food around it, the nasty taste permeates everything and ruins a perfectly good meal. Why does it have to be in what seems to be everything nowadays? There NEEDS to be a warning on labels and restaurants need to ask their customers if adding it is okay. Disgusting. Part of the problem may be there are too few of us to make a difference in this perspective. Maybe advertising of some sort would help? IHATECILANTRO tv commercials or radio ads? Posters? Get the word out! CILANTRO TASTES LIKE RANCID GARBAGE!