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A Story

Ah, you see, I was going to point out and disassemble any form of objective (if false) and subjective elements against cilantro cited by this website's staff, but I then realized that this is a trololol website.

After analyzing the components that would give this website any form of relevance to cilantro (research, press, about, headlines), I have determined that this website is simply the voiced incompetence and ignorance by that of one, and has no placement in scientific research. It also does not have the right to display invalid claims about an herb, but considering that this is more of a blog, it would be appropriate to say mindless drones have their own opinion too, don't you agree?

I was a little amused to see such a low-grade research category. The category is called "research," but it doesn't actually have any appreciable amount in it, and one of the links is not actually research but instead it is someone's subjective experience.

If you're wondering why I've taken the time to voice this, I'll tell you. It's because it's amusing. It's amusing to see someone create a movement group against an herb simply because they don't like it, call it inedible, and then project themselves upon others.

It's a matter of character, not taste.