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A Story

My wife experiments with international foods, while my experience has been traditional North American/European foods. I've had problems with certain Asian foods with our well-meaning Asian friends. The difficulty is to figure out what is the particular problem, and you don't like to appear impolite. Finally I got a dish with enough of something to be distinctly identifiable from all the other tastes -- cilantro, my wife said. But it's almost impossible to know in advance if you're getting it in a meal or not. Last night I was at a pot-luck, took a bite of a nice fresh green salad, and my tongue hurt, my eyes watered, and it tasted awful (cilantro taste, and my wife identified the problem leaves in the salad). It's reassuring to hear that a significant number of others have a similar reaction, or unfortunately even worse. My learning curve seems fairly typical. Unfortunately, websites attract nasty commenters and this site is no exception. But why must folks who like cilantro bash those who are allergic to it are they likewise bashing folks with peanut allergies and milk allergies?