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A Story

Okay, so it was a beautiful summer's day. I was about 16, maybe 17 at the time. My aunt wanted to teach me how to make a pizza, she told me I could put anything on it I wanted. I went to the store and I SWEAR I picked up basil, I SWEAR. Anyways, I get home, unpack my groceries and go for the pizza making. After we are done baking, I go to smell the pizza, as I do, my nose turns inside out and my eyes start to water. Something smelled HORRIBLE but I didn't know what it was! Was something rotten? Oh well, I thought, I was starving and sometimes things taste better then they smell. I don't think I have ever taken a bigger bite of anything than I did with that pizza. I will never take a bite that big of ANYTHING ever again. The flavour was so repulsive, it insulted my tongue. I was nauseous for hours after. There was no juice or tea in the house and my aunt had drank the last of the coffee, there was only water. I dry heaved for about an hour. I hate cilantro with all my heart and soul. Please eliminate it! Give it to rapists & murderers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!