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A Story

The first time I noticed cilantro being used in foods in restaurants was about in the last 8-10 years. I absolutely detest it and everything about it. It tastes like dirty dishwater. Disgusting! How can anyone not taste that nastiness?!? It's so amazing to find out that my husband and I are not alone. We both hate it. But if you think that restauranteurs, chefs, or waiters are going to be sympathetic, think again. They don't care. It went from being used in Mexican food restaurants - now to every restaurant. And most waiters don't know the difference between cilantro and parsley. I always hated the taste of cilantro. I hate it when they just assume that everyone loves it so much that they sprinkle it on everything. The Food Network has not helped the matter either. My husband took me to dinner tonight at Yanni's Greek Cafe. I ordered Mousakki which is a dish layered with eggplant, potatoes, and cheeses. Of course it was sprinkled with cilantro. I asked the waiter if the green stuff was cilantro. She assured me that it was parsley. I don't ever eat anything sprinkled with cilantro or anything green and I try to order carefully do that I don't injest any cilantro. I too am highly allergic to cilantro. Within 20 minutes of eating one tiny flake of the poisonous ingredient, I have severe breathing problems and my upper abdomen swells. I sit up for hours trying to figure out what I can do, besides go to the emergency room for help. I decided to google cilantro allergic reactions and found this website. I really wish that all the cilantro on God's green earth would be destroyed. When people have peanut or nut allergies, no one thinks it's weird. But mention having an allergy to this green crap, and people think you're crazy. I like the idea of the note card to the chef. It would be good show it to the restaurant manager to read it also. I think we have to educate them all. I appreciate this website. Thanks to everyone for participating. My husband and have laughed so hard after reading the entries. Why is such a nasty thing so highly revered? I don't anyone who really likes it. I believe there are green things that are not intended for human consumption.