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A Story

I will never understand the love of this dreadful, god-awful, foul herb! My dear husband doesn't not understand why I hate cilantro so much. He doesn't get that it overpowers the best dishes and gives things a horrid flavor.
We went out to a Vietnamese place for Pho. I had no idea that cilantro figured prominently in this dish. I picked all the leaves off but there it was: that horrid, nasty flavor had tainted EVERYTHING else in that bowl! The nice employees of this Pho restaurant looked sad when they noticed I had barely touched any of my meal.
And for fellow cilantro haters, I post a warning if you do not yet know: The fast food chain "Chipotle" pretty much is cilantro city & avoid at all costs. They really should have named the chain "Cilantro"! Barely anything there doesn't have it in it. Perhaps only the chips.