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A Story

I first encountered Coriander in a Thai dish - fresh chopped leaves garnishing whatever it was. It smelled soapy and tasted just like dish soap. Cilantro is basically the same thing - just the mexican name I think.

The whole family tastes like soap to me:
parsley (very bitter and unpleasant.
Celery - crunchy soap, I can only handle the tiny inside pieces that haven't developed the full flavour.
Carrots - hard crunchy soap. I can handle them cooked, sometimes. My friend's Carrot soup made with Coconut milk (yuck) and coriander was a disaster. Fortunately she is a good enough friend to understand someone who says "I just don't like this".

I can handle a little bit in chinese dim sum and a touch of it on a green mango salad. I still forget to ask sometimes, but I find that a lot of dishes use it as a garnish and I can always remove at least most of it.

Another one in the "how did anyone ever figure out that this was good to eat?" category.