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A Story

I used to enjoy watching cooking shows and I can no longer watch them because they continue to push cilantro. It isn't just one or two chefs, but every or TV cook is pushing cilantro.

Not one chef ever offers up an alternative to cilantro. They all just assume you like eating it. It's so absurd and rude. I am not just talking about the Latin cooking shows, but I am talking about any of them. They just say add cilantro to this or add cilantro to that. I want to yell STOP IT! Everyone doesn't eat cilantro.

That is why I have grown to hate it. I hate the taste of the cilantro and I am sick of the media elites telling me that I am supposed to like cilantro.

I am no longer watching cooking shows. I have written to the Cooking Channel and the Food Network imploring them to ask their chefs to use alternative herbs to no avail.