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A Story

I first tasted cilantro around the age of 10. My father and his new wife had a garden in their backyard with basil,zucchini, and all sorts of other things... including cilantro. From the first taste, I knew I didn't want to ever have to deal with this disgusting herb. I suppose the best way to describe the taste of cilantro would be a mixture of soap and cat urine, neither of which belong in food.

My worst cilantro mishap was when I decided to try out a local Indian restaurant with my boyfriend. Everything tasted divine initially, but as I went on, I could tell something was horribly wrong. It was almost like cilantro was sneaking up on me. When I realized that my food was sprinkled with cilantro, I couldn't continue eating it.

Whenever I have the chance, I tell people how terrible cilantro is. I order my Mexican food free of cilantro and urge them to do the same.