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A Story

I was a teenager when I first encountered Cilantro. I was at a family reunion, where one of my distant cousins made a salad with cilantro in it instead of basil. How someone could mistake cilantro with basil is beyond my comprehension, but it happened. I took one bite and knew something was terribly wrong. Not only did I gag because of the soapy taste in my mouth, my hands, face and arms started swelling immediately. It turns out that I am, in fact, allergic to cilantro and coriander.

Luckily someone whipped out an epi pen, since it was bee season, jabbed me with it. Within minutes the swelling was gone. I'm still haunted by the vile taste of this so called herb, but at least I have a valid explanation as to why I refuse to eat it.

No one in my husband's family believed me... that is, until I took a bite of my mother in law's curry that included coriander. The same swelling started up again, and I was given a dose of my prescribed antihistamine. Now everyone I know refuses to use it in dishes that I could potentially eat. Finally, people have some sense to stay away from this toxic plant!