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A Story

My hate of cilantro and been known to me for many years, but as I have a cilantro-loving husband (how could he!), I can never be entirely free of this noxious substance. We recently picked up our CSA share. It had two herb bunches... is this cilantro or parsley? I took a fearful sniff of each. If it singed my nose hairs with its foulness, I knew this was no innocuous parsley I was holding. I passed the bunch of poison weed to my husband to chop for himself, then intentionally went outside for some fresh air. I misjudged how long I should stay outside, and came back inside while he was still chopping. A gag-inducing wall of the pure hell that is cilantro fumes enveloped me. I tried to go about my business in the house for a few seconds, but I was getting light-headed from trying not to breathe, so I ran through the house opening windows and turning on the whole-house exhaust fan before escaping outside again. Ugh. I hate cilantro so much, even SMELLING it is torture.