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A Story

I can't believe...sob...sob... That i've finally found this support group, sniffle...sniffle....

Other than being in my neighborhood resturant (normaly a sanctuary of warm gastronomic hugs and kisses in NYC) I can't remeber all the details
of my first encounter. You see the ensuing trauma caused extreme tunnel vision, and my psyche has benovolently tried to spare me from recalling specific details of the incident....although there were Margaritas present from what little I can recall.

Apparently this vile weed has the keys to unlock an ancient pathway to my reptilian complex eliciting a gag response and repetitive Tourette-like outbursts of "eeeyuuuckk"!!! (luckily only lasting for that seating) while requiring additional applications of Margaritas to assuage the damage to my olafactory hardware.

When seeking support from my friends (or should I say my dining companions currently previous friends) regarding this overpowering distinct SOAP-LIKE taste experience RUINING my meal, my pleadings were met with condescending,incredulous nervous glances around the table. It was became obvious that they were clearly confounded as how best to keep this Neanderthal from insulting this OH SO FANCY RESTURANT and dis-associate themselves from his reaction.

Are you kidding me?
This is a goof.....right?
You had Jimmie put soap in my food back there...right?

Apparently not.

I have since lived in shame with this OBVIOUS genetic DEFECT until today...having read of the research which brings me to this Oasis of Compassion, intellect and good taste.

Having been REBORN today, I am in the garage constructing a sturdy soapbox with which to help express my new found devotion and spread The Word.

Many Joyful Thanks,

Clayton Bigsby