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A Story

It started out like any other day, I was with some friends and we were out to lunch. I ordered a salad, harmless right? WRONG. As soon as I put the fork to my mouth I could taste it...this awful, unbearable, repulsive taste that lingered in my mouth like a catchy song lingers in your brain. I was perplexed at the intensity of my reaction to this seemingly innocent salad. And after I searched it, I had no clue what was making me feel this way. So I pushed through the meal barely making it out of there alive. For weeks I was trying to figure out what that horrid taste was and it finally hit me, it was CILANTRO. I don't care if it's chopped up into the tiniest pieces, I will taste it! From that day on, I have steered clear of that atrocious food and am delighted to know I'm not alone in this quest to vanish cilantro because... I.HATE.CILANTRO!