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A Story

Dear fellow cilantro haters,

I absolutely positively hate cilantro! I used to love cilantro! I would make paintings with varieties of cilantro around the world. I would also make sculptures. I loved it so much that I wanted to pursue a long term relationship with it. I wanted to make love to cloves of cilantro. weird I know, but you have to do what makes you happy! #swaggg But then, on a dark and stormy night on march 22 2001, my feelings all changed. now all the mother fuckers who love cilantro are major dick suckers because when i asked for spagetios m y mom put a hint of cilantro in it...i spit the spagetions out of my mouth and on my dog name chinchilla. it has a secret chemical that caused me a very severe allergic reaction! I had to go to the hospital. I almost did not make it out alive. FUCKKK CILANTRO!!