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A Story

On Veterans Day 2012 I had the misfortune to order a fish dinner at Applebee's and discovered to my great dismay the coleslaw was infested with not only horseradish and peppers and overloaded with dill but full of cilantro. The tartar sauce was also overloaded with bitter dill and ? instead of a nice sweet tartar sauce. Because the fish was cooked in "old" cooking oil, and the baked potato was "old" along with the sour cream, all served on a piece of waxed paper inside a metal wire frame basket that was mostly space and no wire, when cutting my fish the knife ripped the paper and food spilled onto the table -- nothing served on a decent plate for a $13 meal. Complaints to the server and manager were met with comments like "this is how corporate sends out the food and directs it to be served." How can anyone screw up coleslaw -- it should be basic shaved cabbage, maybe a little grated carrot and sweet mayonnaise dressing. Beware Applebee's recipes as the "cilantro" ingredients are part of their "new" "signature flavors" attempt to ruin perfectly good food and make you think you're nuts if you complain. I did complain to Applebee's HQ and they sent me a $15 gift card to try them again. I just want the $15 I paid for the meal and I'll go eat somewhere else.