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A Story

I'm Joe and I'm an ex-cilantro addict. I first encountered cilantro at the age of 15 when my friends were doing it. They told me it would be fun, they put it on my spaghetti and told me it tasted good, so I tried it. After that I became a wreck. I'd steal money from my parents to buy cilantro, my addiction ruined my life. My family didn't want to be around me, nobody would eat my food, I had nothing.
But I'll always remember the day I hit rock bottom, the day I realized that this addiction had ruined my life. I was 22, living in a small apartment in the ghetto. I was broke. I had no friends, no family, absolutely nothing. But I had to feed my addiction. The anxiety was slowly eating me from the inside. I had to get my fix, and I had a plan.
I got to the grocery store, determined to get my cilantro. With a knife in hand and a ski mask on my face, I went inside. As soon as I got in I started shouting orders. "GET ME ALL OF YOUR CILANTRO. NOW". They got me the cilantro and I ran out, satisfied. Once I got home I realized what I had done. I broke down crying. I needed to change, I needed to get better.
The next day I signed myself up for Cilantro Addicts Anonymous, a group that helped me tremendously. I've been clean for 6 years and my life has turned around, I'm now married and an advocate for Cilantro Ruins Lives, an organization much like yours.