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A Story

I had a Cilantro incident, It was my birthday 2001. I had a craving for linguine and scallops, and mussels appetizer. My "friends" took me to Bonefish Grill. I ordered both dishes, Mussells appetizer and linguine with scallops. Mussells come, and they are in tomatoes, onion and cliantro. Im like WTF? Its not Salsa!!?! Wheres the garlic and butter??? Jesus. So I send it back. So out comes the scallops and linguine, I look in the bowl, scallops, linquine, tomatoes, onions and cilantro!!! I looked at the waiter and said "this is a bowl of sh**T!!" The moral is, not everything taste better with the mexican trio, and yes, Cilantro is the devil. Unless its a good SALSA, AT A MEXICAN RESTRAUNT SERVING MEXICAN F###KIN FOOD!!