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A Story

I was in Cancún some 15 years ago when I first came across what I then referred to as Bad Taste, as I had no idea what it was. The taco platter in local Hard Rock Cafe was mostly fine, but there were infrequent inexplicable lumps of this Bad Taste mixed in, and I couldn't sort out the source. I was fortunate not to encounter the vile stuff again during the holiday, but even that one time left an indelible stain on my palate.

I had considered "mexican" as my favorite food, but now I revised the category as "texmex", since good ole US-American-Mexican restaurants employed enough quality control not to serve rotten dishrag fragments in their dishes!

Time passed, and a couple of years ago my Finnish employer's lunch restaurant discovered what I now knew to be coriander (cilantro) in big way. The head chef must have absolutely loved the stuff, since it started appearing in everything except for traditional Finnish dishes. The crowning moment was when he sprinkled it liberally in the fruit salad! Yes: FRUIT SALAD! I protested the use of coriander vehemently and on several occasions, but to absolutely deaf ears. To my utter amazement, none of my colleagues were at all bothered with it.

I'm no longer working at that company, but unfortunately my pain didn't end there: since then coriander has elbowed itself everywhere in Finland. Now I have to be ever vigilant lest it slithers its putrid tentacles on my plate. And now I read here that same thing has happened in USA, too! I am crushed, not to mention utterly disgusted!

Today I learned that distaste to the stuff may be a genetic thing. This would explain things, but doesn't offer much consolation. The war is lost and we are the victims. The impotent rage and frustration is almost too much to bear. Strength to us all. Peace out.