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A Story

I was just a girl, about 8 years old I think. My mom had just come home from the "big Box" store (IE Sam's club type place) and was loading all the enormous bottles, boxes and bags into the frig and pantry, and I noticed the giant bottle of salsa.. which I love and my little mouth started to water. I waited until she was done, got a bowl and a bag of tortilla chips and sat down for my feast. I emptied big spoonfuls of salsa into the bowl.. why not? I LOVE salsa. I grabbed a chip and scooped a whopping mound of it on the corner and loaded it right into my mouth. That was the moment my life was changed forever. Time stood still. My eyes began to water, my cheeks flushed with nausea.. my gag reflex in full effect.. had someone squirted dish soap into the salsa? Soaked their dirty socks in it then replaced the lid? WHAT on Earth was that disgusting taste? I didn't know, I just knew I hated that salsa. I avoided it, and even asked mom to get a different brand.. but everyone else in my family LOVED it. Especially my sister, who is a cilantro loving freak. My life has been peppered with these encounters, but it wasn't until adulthood, when I discovered Thai food that I learned what that vile taste was. I know now that I can't eat at certain Mexican places and what to avoid in Thai restaurants.