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A Story

My first encounter with this vile herb went like this: I was on a business trip, spending a couple of weeks in a small-ish town. I was working my way through the menu at one of the few decent restaurants in town, and one day I ordered a new dish - Thai chicken salad. Sounded wonderful! Well, I took one bite and sent the dish back to the kitchen - there was clearly something terribly wrong with the food they served me. I thought that perhaps the chicken was bad, as in rotting. I was sure I was going to be sick.
This was many years ago, and it took me quite a while to figure out what it was that I found so disgusting. Like many other folks, I have noticed a distinct trend towards putting cilantro in more and more dishes, usually with no 'warning.' There was one restuarant chain where I live that put it in practically everything and when I asked, they were unable to serve anything without it - all pre-made with the foul stuff in it already. It was a favourite gathering place for many people, including all our work-related celebrations, but I could really only drink when we went there. Now, that might sound like not such a bad thing (they hade good bellinis) but I really disliked going there - what's the point of going out for dinner when there was nothing I could eat? Never been back, even though I know they have a new executive chef and comepltely different menus. It just left a bad taste in my mouth. (pun intended)