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A Story

I was never a fan of pico de gallo, but the first time I realized how repulsive cilantro truly is, I had ordered from a Thai restaurant here in L.A. Although I'd eaten there before with no problems, on that night, my tasty take-out was served with several full stalks of cilantro draped across the fried rice.

I remember opening the lid and getting hit with the overpowering scent of soap and death. I nearly gagged. I asked my co-workers where the stench could possibly be originating from and they all pointed to the cilantro. Even after I picked it off I couldn't enjoy my meal; it had seeped into the rice, making it completely inedible.

I never ordered from that restaurant again. I lost my faith. And to this day I make sure I specify that no cilantro is to be included in my meals.