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A Story

My most vile moments:

1. Grandmother gave me a steamed Chinese chicken bun (about the diameter of 4"). One bite into the herby steamed meats, and I knew that I would have to spend every moment meticulously picking out each chopped leaf in order to eat it.

2. My boyfriend LOVES cilantro (I know! how are we even together?!), and he loves a certain vietnamese restaurant nearby. I absolutely HATE the restaurant, but I go b/c I love him. However EVERYTIME I ask ABSOLUTE NO NOT AT ALL DO NOT AT ALL COSTS add cilantro... IT ALWAYS STILL ENDS UP BEING THERE. I hate YOU VIETNAMESE RESTAURANT.

3. I went to eat a salad roll at a different restaurant, and i was caught with a full mouthful of the vile herb. It literally felt like I had just ingested DEATH. Gag-reflex 100%.