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A Story

I drove through town,
at the greatest of speed.
A delicious chicken burrito,
is all I did need.

I exited my car,
with wallet and keys.
The thought of this burrito,
made me weak in my knees.

I place my order,
double chicken double wrapped.
I'm getting too excited,
I may soon need be slapped.
(I will eat this burrito,
till my pants I have crapped.)

The man rings me up,
I throw him my cash.
I see an open table,
and run the 6 meter dash.

I slammed down my tray,
rip of the foil.
I took the greatest of bites,
but then began to recoil.

I instantly vomit,
through nose and mouth it escaped.
I feel sick to my stomach,
and my taste buds feel raped.

I crash through the doors,
and stumbled out to the curb.
I think “What was that in my vomit,
a little green herb?”

My brain began to shut off,
and I started to pass out.
The sidewalks getting closer,
and then crushes my snout.

I awoke in the hospital,
receiving a stitch.
The doctor asked “What happened?”
I reply “Cilantros a bitch!”