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A Story

It is our anniversary about 1987 and my husband and I had been fighting (we are still together!) and he decides we must go out to celebrate anyway. We go to a Mexican restaurant in Arkansas that has been in business for decades and he and I had been there countless times. We order. Our food comes. There is cilantro in my entrée. I send it back because it tastes like they didn't rinse the dishes. They send out another dish. Send it back, same reason. I am in tears and my husband is frustrated with embarrassment and my pickiness. A third entrée arrives. I send it back and say forget it. We love Mexican food so very soon looking at the ingredients it is cilantro! YUCK. And now, no matter where you go, where there is Mexican food there is cilantro. Our son went to medical school and came home one day saying they learned that some people taste cilantro as soap and others love it. It should be beg-time OPTIONAL!!!!!