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A Story

My first encounter was only 4 short years ago. I had gone my whole life blissfully unaware of the terrible awfully ness that could be lurking around any corner. I wished I could have stated that way.. So innocent back then. It all changed when I took a bite of a salad that I thought looked great. Immediately I was stricken with the terrible foul taste, as if someone had sprayed my salad with an elderly woman's perfume. The horrified look on my face quickly alerted others to the situation and I was asked a question that still haunts me; "what? You don't like cilantro?".
Years went by where I lived in fear, always cautions before eating anything green. Until yesterday. I participated in a charity lunch only to be reunited with my nemesis intermingling with an Asian noodle salad...The pain is just all to real. It goes without saying I will not let my guard down again