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A Story

Aloha to all my "ohana" out there!!!! Yay! Haters of yucklantro unite! Awesome to meet you all. My first time being poisoned with it was at a restaurant Cafe Pesto in Hawaii. I had their salad and crab cakes (their house dressing is soo yummy)almost twice a week with no problem. Till they added fresh celantro. Wtf!!! As soon as my teeth cut into that camouflaged predator the taste spread all over my mouth. I thought maybe there was a bad leaf or a leg of a stink bug accidentally thrown in there and didn't finish it. I don't eat there anymore because I went back 6 other times each time more reluctant than the last to maybe get them to work with me when I specifically ask nicely "please, no cilantro". Then my church fundraiser plate (which luckily I took home) had put some in their tossed salad. This time however the moment my teeth cut into the stupid leaf I immediately started gagging. I almost couldn't breathe because I was gagging so bad. The last time was when I went to Just Tacos and specifically asked the server if the plate I ordered had cilantro or salsa please leave it off. I actually went more into it than that to make absolutely sure but i figured she got the picture. When my ate came everything had salsa all over it...everywhere. Grrrr I'm not one to send food back so when she came back I nicely asked if I could also get another dish. She sassily (she was already being a witch from before with my friends but I gave her the benefit of the doubt) switched to that weight more on one leg look and said "why is there something wrong with that plate?" I nicely explained (inside I am hungry as shirt by now and could almost slap her because she was being so openly rude to us all) that it had all this stuff all over my meat parts of my plate. She then said "that pico degayo it's a kind of salsa". Stupid girl! Ugh didn't I specifically ask you no salsa, no cilantro??? All in all I ordered something else, a friend took the offensive one home and she got $3 tip on a $200 + table. I've never met anyone else who hated it like me which is sooo nice. It taste like what a stink bug smells like. Ugh! Most of these post say their experiences have been with Mexican or Thai but beware!!! It's out there in everything!!! Yuck i absolutely detest it!! Thank u for letting me share this with you all! Now let's go eat! Lol :)
Ono grinds without cilantro for everyone!!
Always ro :)