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A Story

I've eaten at several really good Latin/Mexican restaurants and everything was peachy except in every salad I tasted I kept getting waves of a disgusting acrid flavor. I passed it off as just a spice I didn't like for a while, but one day I couldn't take it anymore and I asked someone what it was. They had lived in San Diego in the past and so, packed with a lot of experience with the stinkbug-flavored plant, said it was probably cilantro.

For some reason I wanted to verify it was cilantro that I was tasting and so today I went out and bought some cilantro for a dollar. First the stench overwhelmed me. I should have known to go no further. Then I stupidly shoved a few leaves in my mouth, tasted them for a second, then violently spit them out into a bowl. When I was picking the spit-infused leaves out of the bowl to throw them in the garbage where they belong, my hands were shaking wildly and my whole body was shivering.

I actually think I now have a literal fear of cilantro. The taste is so bad it is impossible to put into words, the smell isn't much better, and now I have the noxious weed in my refrigerator.

I consider my cilantro experience to be one of the worst mistakes I've ever made.