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A Story

I was raised in a family of people who love cilantro. I avoid it like the plague. My entire life my mother has made special dishes for me without cilantro and even when she cooks with it the very smell makes me queasy. I love salsa and guacamole but only without cilantro. I have to make a big deal about cilantro in Indian, Thai and Mexican restaurants because they seem to be obsessed with the stuff.

One time I went to an Indian restaurant with an Indian friend who specifically requested no cilantro and they handed me the food and I could taste the cilantro in it so I sent it back and the chef refused to prepare it without cilantro because it would ruin the dish or something like that. He finally complied and I have to say, it was delicious without the cilantro. The bite with cilantro that I had made me feel like I was licking the bottom of a cat litter pan it was so vile.