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A Story

About 3 years ago my now fiance took me to get quesadillas. I've never been here before and have never tasted fresh cilantro before so of course I say "Yes please put everything on it." Little did I know that the fresh green yummy looking leaves they threw into my quesadilla would soon be my demise.

We get back to the car and start eating. I take one bite of my chicken quesadilla and gag! What the hell is in here?! I painfully chew and swallow what I've already bitten off. I ask my fiance "What is this green stuff, it tastes horrible! It's making me want to vomit!" He looks perplexed as he tells me it's cilantro. I try to keep eating thinking this is just new to me, maybe in time I will get used to it. NOPE. I ate about half and said "I'm sorry but I can't eat this."

It seems only fresh cilantro is the offender for me. I can eat cooked cilantro, and dishes containing coriander. I was hoping it's something you can learn to love (I hated olives when I was younger, but I forced myself to eat them and I LOVE them now.) I cannot do this with Cilantro... it makes me want to hurl; I cannot control the gag reaction, it just happens.

I hate you cilantro. I wish I didn't have to.