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A Story

When I was 19 I went to Costa Rica with my friend. We went to a very poor little town in the south near the Panamanian boarder where his stepdad was from. The first night we ate at his uncles bar/restaurant/home. I ordered some kind of seafood pasta. It came out in this massive bowl filled with all types of yummy shrimp, fish, scallops, mussels, and other various seafood all for like $5. So I took my first bite and it was rancid. I looked over at my buddy and told him I didn't like it, something was wrong. He gave me this huge lecture about how poor it was and how I couldn't waste my food. I forced about two or three bites down then went outside and puked. Days later at his mom's house they made shrimp civiche. It also tasted horrible, but when I asked what was in it there was only three ingredients: shrimp, lime, and CILANTRO!!! Mystery solved. Since then I can't eat at a restaurant that uses it. I even tell them I'm allergic and they always fuck it up and get it in my food somehow. You'd think making a living on tips they'd be more careful. Nope! I don't even have to eat it. I can smell it from across the room if it's in something. And they'll even try and say, no that's just Chinese parsley... Same thing dip shit... Now days it seems like they're putting that horrid ingredient and everything. It must be stopped!!!