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A Story

I worked in produce while going to college. My idiot manager had no concept of inventory, and although we usually sold 2 cases of cilantro a week at most, he ordered 12 cases since it was on sale. 12 cases. I had really no problem with cilantro before this; I was sort of apathetic to it, i didn't like or hate it. So fast forward 2 weeks, and we now have 11 cases of spoiled cilantro which had all been stacked on top of each other btw. I was tasked with throwing them away, and if you think cilantro is bad on its own, rotten cilantro is a whole iteration worse. It's god awful smell is amplified several times, it was literally the only thing you could smell in the whole cooler. I had to hold my breath. Then it happened... as i was about to throw away the last case, my arm went straight thru the wet box and into liquified rotten cilantro. My arm was saturated up to my elbow with the horror.... I'm pretty sure I screamed like 12 yr old girl. It was all over my clothes... I immediately threw my shirt and apron away, and ran half naked to the wash sink and scrubbed my arm for like an hour, but the smell persisted for a day or two. /shudder. This was 12 years ago, I still remember it like yesterday. I can't even look at cilantro, let alone eat it. WHY MUST IT BE ON EVERYTHING?