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A Story

Why does EVERY type of restaurant use this disgusting herb in the most unlikely dish??? It doesn't have to be Mexican or's everywhere!!!! This crap tastes like soap to me and everywhere I go I have to ask if it's in anything I ordered. People look at me like I'm crazy and want to know if I am allergic. I say "would you eat something if it tasted like soap to you???" I have met a few people who feel the same way I do and it's nice to see a group of people who feel like I do. I did see several years ago that a group of scientists are studying a gene in people like me where it tastes like soap. Don't know what the point is to studying that because chefs are going to use it anyway. What makes them think that everyone loves this crap and they can use it in anything??? I won't eat at a Mexican restaurant if the salsa is full of it. Recently I bought some Hatch turkey burgers and sausage at Whole Foods and nowhere on the label did it say the "C" was all in there and I gagged the first bite. Grrrrrr.....I returned it. Ok I'm done now...for the time being.