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A Story

About fifteen years ago, I was eating lunch in Ensenada, Mexico. I asked for some verde, cabbage, something fresh with the meal, and got a plate covered in cilantro. OK, I ate around it. But the nasty taste stayed with me for 24 hours. Later, we bought food to prepare back at the house in Salsipuedes( which means get out of you can said the locals). More cilantro to eat. The smell, the taste and after-taste stayed with me for weeks. I do not know WHY cilantro is suppose to be the only green vegetable on everything?! I really really dislike it and Thanks to Andy Cohen on Bravo TV tonight, I finally have a place to vent my pain. Thanks for reading. Cilantro IS Gross. or OSCO in Spanish. Yeah learn Espanol or you will get stuck with a plate of the cr*p cilantro everywhere you go..East L.A. Santa Ana California..anywhere.