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A Story

I've hated the stuff since the first time I tasted it. We never had it growing up, so when I first tasted it I was in shock. It was the most disgusting thing that ever touched my tongue. After that I would always ask if ordering Mexican if there was cilantro in it and if they said no, or if I forgot to ask I would pick out every single speck. Even one tiny speck would wreck my meal and I'm not a picky eater. I eat practically everything.
I was in Tahoe on a family vacation and my son who loves the stuff was making something for dinner which contained cilantro. I told him "you know I hate the stuff" so take out my serving before you add it. He told me no, He wasn't going to change the dish, I told the little ,,,,,,, he didn't have to change the recipe just take out mine first. He told me that was ridiculus and refused to do it, so we got in a huge fight and I refused to eat his disgusting meal. I know it sounds crazy but it was no joke. So if that word even comes up in my family its a big joke. I think I was the most shocked by him refusing to put my dish aside.I would rather eat crushed glass than eat cilantro!!!