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A Story

I was interested to learn that apparently people like or dislike coriander according to their genetics. I detest the leaves (cilantro), it makes everything taste of soap (and it's depressing, all of the other lovely flavours and effort that go into, say, making a curry, ruined in an instant. Now it tastes of spicy soap... great). On the other hand I am ok with the taste of the seeds, it's a flavour that has to be used in moderation but it is a spice flavour, not soapy at all, just coriander seedy. My sister dislikes the leaves also but my Mum loves them and would add them to everything if she could get away with it - neither of us live at home now so I imagine she does this. Perhaps we inherited our distaste from our Dad, but we may never know, he has broken his nose to many times and so has a crap sense of taste (some how still manages to cook tasty food though, go figure). So the moral of this story is: If you are in a situation where coriander is going to be present in your life, and you don't want to keep refusing it for some reason, go and get your nose broken... the pain might well be worth never having to taste that vile herb :P

me, I read the small print like a pro.